This has been an incredibly crazy and fun year!  I started my year as a primary wedding and family photographer in Alabama and I'm ending it living in Atlanta, Georgia!  I absolutely adore my Alabama couples and plan to capture days in Alabama for many years to come!  Nobody can drag me away from sweet home Alabama!  Soon, I will share the story of how we came back home to Georgia.  I'm planning a series on some personal fun stuff from the Sullins life.  But for today, it's all about the couples and weddings of 2017. 

Are you ready for it?! (Just imagine my home girl, T-Swift, singing that as you start your scroll!)

And don't you dare leave before you've looked at each gorgeous couple and the big announcement about next year's hashtag and new adventure at the very end! 

Let's get it started in here (throwback to some Blackeyed Peas).


Miriam + Colby - 01.07.17

Georgia wedding photographer

We loved our snowy day with Colby and Miriam.  This was such a special event for our family.  Colby served as Josh's Worship Associate at West Rome Baptist when we were on staff.  He is like a brother to us and we were honored to be there to capture his day!  We got a little surprise as we started our drive to Clayton, Georgia!  Check out the white stuff!  They call that snow! 

wedding day details

The purples were a perfect accent to the gorgeous snow outside the windows of the church! 

groom photographer

This wedding party was amazing. It was cold, y'all!  Freezing, in fact!  The snow was icy and not one time did anyone complain about capturing the day outside as much as possible!  Colby was so excited to be marrying the girl of his dreams and Miriam could hardly wait to get down the aisle to him! 

Their ceremony was exactly as it should be!  People risked the drive to get there because this was a day the two of them had been waiting for for a long time!  We loved watching Colby play the piano and sing as Miriam accompanied him on the violin!  Their love for music pulls on my heartstrings and I love watching them serve their Savior together! 

Many laughs and so much love was shared on their snowy and icy wedding day! We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Pendrey!!!  Happy almost 1-year anniversary!!!


Alicia + Derrick - 03.11.17

Alicia and Derrick had a gorgeous day at the Michael Wedding Barn in Anniston, Alabama!  It was a cold and rainy March day, but this didn't hinder the joy these two had about their wedding! This was also a very special day because we were with a former Amy-Cole bride and friends!  It was one of those wedding days where everything feels calm and right!  


Alicia was stunning!  I say that all of the time, but I'm not sure I've ever met a bride who wasn't!  I just adore seeing the gown they have chosen for their special day and this friend did not disappoint with her choice!!!  Derrick was so dapper in his dark charcoal suit with navy!  A charcoal suit on a groom is in my top two favs!  

Before this gorgeous moment, Alicia had rode in with her Dad on a horse and carriage!  I mean, is that not what fairytales are made of?!  The day was as special and beautiful as these two!  We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Webb!!!


LeAnn + Dale - 05.13.17


Y'all, this was such a fun and relaxing wedding day!  LeAnn is such a dear, photographer friend!  When she asked me to capture her wedding day to Dale I was pure giddy!  Look at the details from this day! 


LeAnn included Denver, her sweet girl, in the whole aspect of the wedding day to Dale!  I adore that she was by her Mommy's side the whole time!

Can we just pause for a minute?!  Are they not the most precious family you've ever witnessed on photograph?!  Look at this magic!!!!

And look at these sweet babies!!! Mom and Dad made sure the day was also about them! 

Dale is Denver's new step-dad, but you knew he would love her just as his own.  Dale is a one-of-a-kind guy.  Since LeAnn and I are dear friends, I know them both personally and have shot at their Alexandria, Alabama home some.  He always checks on me and makes sure I have water if it's hot!  He takes care of everyone around him just the same!  

Their day was something special!  They had all of their friends and family beside them!  Even Chief was right in the middle of the action!  I mean, y'all!!!!!!  Look at that sweet pup! 


We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Findley!  I am so glad I got to capture your day!  I'm also glad I get to call you friends!


Cat + Nick - 05.20.17


Cat's dress and veil was one for the books!  She was a fairy-tale princess and he is just madly in love with her and that makes me so happy!  This romantic day was a favorite of my year!  I loved all of the details and the precious moments!  But, my favorite part of this day was Cat and Nick!  They've become such dear friends and I absolutely adore both of them and their families!!! 

It was a rainy day in Gadsden on May 20, but that didn't stop these two love birds from enjoying each moment!  I also love having a wedding day with Craig Carlisle (the minister) any chance we get! There are so many things about their day I wish I could share with you!  The stunning cake and macarons (homemade with love by the bride and her sweet mom) were my most favorite!!!  I may have ate 5 of those macarons at the reception!  Ha!


These two left to everyone cheering as they escaped for a two week getaway, overseas!  I wanted to go with them!  We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Mueller!!!


Bailey + Jordan - 06.03.17

This wedding day was just amazing and so precious!  These two, young love birds could not wait to get married and spend their life together!  And y'all, are they not gorgeous?  I absolutely loved their Gadsden wedding and every moment we spent together!  The details were perfection and exactly what Bailey wanted.  Her groom was so handsome in his navy tux with red tie!  I loved the pink and red details and these two photogenic people didn't hurt!  

We sure do love you, Bailey and Jordan!  Congrats again on being Mr. and Mrs. Jackson!


Taylor + Jesse - 06.10.2017

Berry College is probably my most favorite place on earth!  When you grow up in Rome, Georgia, you learn all about the history of this amazing campus and all that Martha Berry did for her family and community.  I grew up having picnics on the grounds.  So, when a bride calls me and tells me she wants me to capture her day there...I GO CRAZY!  Taylor and Jesse were the perfect couple for a wedding day at Berry!  They are gorgeous and the details of their day were amazing! 

I still can't get over the gold-sequined gowns from this wedding day!  Prepare yourself, you'll see them again in another wedding later in the fall!  I may have jumped up and down when I first saw them!  Those gowns sparkle as much as the love these two have for one another! 

It was one of my most talked about wedding days of the year!  You mix a gorgeous venue with a gorgeous couple and you just can't go wrong!  We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Chandler!


Jade + Hunter (aka HAP) - 06.17.17

We are half way there!  If you are anything like me, you love looking at different styles of wedding days and this one did not disappoint.  It was a hot, summer day, but this couple and their wedding party showed off!  They are gorgeous and so kind!  We absolutely loved the Fort Payne wedding day of Jade and HAP! 

I told ya!  Those colors with the gowns and light gray suits!  I was so giddy for these two!  They are so in love and their friends were so happy for them!  We enjoyed getting to know these guys and can't wait to be friends with them for years to come!  

We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins!!!


Shelby + Chase - 07.15.17

Shelby and Chase came to us from one of our most favorite floral designers, Kathryn Anne Weddings.  We adore Kathy Bowen and we were so grateful that she referred us to this fun bride and groom!  They had a stunning day in Anniston, Alabama!  I loved that they kept with a formal, traditional flare and had so many friends and family by their side as they said "I do"!  It will be a wedding day I cherish in my memories for many years to come!  Elegant and stunning!!!  

My favorite part about these two...they live close to my new town and I hope to meet up for dinner with them in the new year!  We sure did have a ton of fun with you guys!  We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones!


Stephanie + Jeremy - 07.29.17

Stephanie and Jeremy mean so much to me!  I remember getting a call shortly after they got engaged.  They were so excited to book me for this very special day and I was so excited to have them in our ACP club!  Otter Creek was opening for wedding days and their day was the first wedding they would host at their venue!  I was thrilled, but more than anything I couldn't wait to spend the day with these two!  They have been cherished friends for many years and I get emotional when I think back on their day!  

It was no secret at the time of their wedding that this would be a hard day for me.  My family was set to move the very next day after their wedding, but these two were so encouraging to me and loved me well during the time that was most hectic for them.  Many phone calls of love and support for me and my family were just what was needed to make it through that hectic time and their special day!  I love them!  I cherish their friendship and understanding during that season!  And just now, as I type this, they have been published in the most recent edition of Alabama Weddings Magazine!  A well deserved feature for these two!  I am honored to be included! Make sure to get a copy on newsstands!

I wish I could tell you all the ways I love these two!  I'll just say I enjoyed every minute of their day and I love that I count these two as friends for life!  We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Moore!!!


Marlena + Jason - 09.16.17

It never fails that every year I get a call from a bride and her wedding day is soon!  I love these brides!  They make quick decisions and have to trust their gut!  When they decide to trust me in that quick moment it overwhelms my heart!  Marlena was that bride for me and we now have such a sweet friendship!  She not only trusted me as an Alabama wedding photographer, but she also trusted me after I told her my family would be moving to Atlanta!  Their wedding day was my first after the move and I loved that we got to capture her first!  Her day was special and so sweet!  I adore this couple and love that I got to capture every moment of it for her! 

These two are madly in love and I am grateful I got to spend their day with them!  We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor! 


Chelsea + Scottie - 09.23.17

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with sunflowers!  When a bride and groom use sunflowers on their wedding day...especially their fall wedding day, my heart goes back to those days as a little girl!  

I will never forget meeting Chelsea and Scottie for the first time.  We stood in my yard in South Hawk and talked for an hour!  I loved their sweet spirit from the moment I met them!  Not only are they kind and real, they are two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet!  I love how much Scottie loves and protects Chelsea. I love that Chelsea adores Scottie!  I adore these two and their heart for one another!  Enjoy a scroll back through their sweet day! 

We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey!!!


Breanna + Devon - 10.14.17

Breanna and Devon are such a precious couple!  Theydated for many years and so this day was a much anticipated day for many in their family! I loved spending each moment with them!  Their fall wedding was amazing and so gorgeous!  I love that Breanna had her day centered around fall colors and a beautiful, outdoor venue!  My favorite part of the evening was my time with just the two of them!  Their love for each other is evident in their words and actions and their family was so happy to celebrate them on their special day! 

We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Mason!

Krista + Judd - 10.21.17

Krista and Judd are two of my favorite people!  They are so relaxed and fun to be around!  Krista told me upfront that Justin (nicknamed Judd) isn't big on smiling for the camera!  I'm pretty sure my silly personality won him over though.  We had so much fun on their wedding day!  And...I may have wanted to steal Krista's gown.  I loved it so much!!!  No worries, she knows! I could photograph it over and over again!!! 

Enjoy a scroll back through their day!  I sure do love these two!

(Don't miss the gold-sequined dresses making an appearance again!!!)

We sure do love you, Mr. and Mrs. Fugatt!!!


Hannah + Matthew - 10.28.17

Hannah has been a close family friend for over seven years!  We love her and cherish her precious family!  When Hannah got engaged and called it was such a happy day!  We have prayed for Hannah and Matthew since they started dating and couldn't be more happy for them!  It was such a joy to watch them as they start their lives together, but even more so...I was honored to capture their special day!  We had so much fun together!  This day was full of joy and happiness from everyone!  We absolutely adore these two!!!

I live for wedding cake, but my favorite detail is usually the florals!  I love watching each bride's dream come alive through the flowers of the day!  It's usually the piece that ties it all together!  Hannah's wedding florals were stunning and some of my favorites of the year!  Alabama Eden Flowers did an amazing job!!!

We sure do love these two and their family!  Congrats again, Mr. and Mrs. Mabrey!


Nancy + Chris - 11.11.17

A wedding day is always special to me! Always!  However, there is something so special about going back home, to Rome and our very first full-time ministry church, that makes it that much more special!  Nancy was in our choir when we served at West Rome.  To go back and capture her stunning day meant the world to me!  We love spending time with Nancy and Chris and each moment was such a gift for these two!  Smiles and laughter were in the air all day long and it was amazing to see old friends we've missed and cherished for years!  We adore these two! 

We love these two so much!!!  Congrats again, newlyweds!  Watch out world, Mr. and Mrs. Lake coming at you! 


Brianne + TJ - 12.09.17

Our year started just as it ended!  A snow-covered day fit for the perfect bride and groom! You don't anticipate a snow day when you live in the south.  Georgia very rarely sees snow. So, when it started to snow the day before their wedding day...their winter wonderland wedding day (as planned by the bride, in the heat of summer), it was a shock to us all.  

Bri and I met in Starbucks, mid-summer, when my family was in the middle of a difficult season.  She encouraged me so much on that day!  We talked for an hour before we realized how long we had been sitting there.  She has been that constant encouragement for me since that day.  This couple was also full of joy on their wedding day.  The world could have fallen apart...the cake almost didn't make it, they didn't get to have a rehearsal because of the ice and snow, the power went off, and not once did I hear them complain. In fact, it was quite the opposite.  They were happy and full of joy!  I love a couple that understands it doesn't matter what happens on the wedding day as long as you're married at the end of the day. That's really all that matters!  This couple took that to heart!  

But...the cake did show up!  The venue worked hard and regained power to the reception! The caterers made it! And, well, that snow and ice made for the most memorable day anyone, including me, could ask for!  We were frozen, but I couldn't have asked for more! 

If you know me, you know an Auburn groom (couple) will always be close to my heart!  These two sit at the very top! I mean, is this Auburn grad not a cutie?!

I can't help it!  The snowy wedding day portraits are some of my favorites!  I think it is so very special since Bri planned her day to be a winter wonderland theme and then God gave us this beautiful snowy day!!!

This is where I stop and give huge props to Josh Sullins for being the most committed second shooter ever!  He stood under that tree and shook the tree (as I sang "Shake the Sugar Tree" and told my old age) to give us this gorgeous snow fall!!!

Just a little pause to show there is proof those cakes made it!  And boy are we glad they did!  They were stunning!!!

One last walk in the gorgeous snow and a big War Eagle leave was all these two needed to make this day complete!  This will go down in the record book!  Eight hours in the snow with one incredible couple...I couldn't ask for more to end this year!  It was the cake topper on the yummy wedding cake!  

We absolutely adore and love you, Bri and TJ!  We will be friends for many, many years to come!!! 

And just like that... 

our year in Amy-Cole Wedding Couples!  Our year in selfies looked a little something like this! We called it the year of cake!  It was a wild ride and I am so grateful for Josh, Adam, and Robyn! They've supported me well this year and I couldn't ask for more!


And now...drum roll please!  

As most of you know, Robyn has decided to step away from wedding days with ACP.  She has been an amazing asset to me personally and professionally.  Robyn is an incredible kindergarten teacher, mom, and wife!  I am excited that she will have more time with the people she loves and I will miss her sharing these moments with me.  I know my Amy-Cole couples cherish her as much as I have.

So now...

Josh, my cute man, has second shot with me for 7 years.  He has been my right hand in business and, of course, co-owner in Amy-Cole Photography since the first day.  He is my biggest cheerleader and greatest support, he is also my very best friend! When Robyn stepped away, there was no question who would be my right hand on wedding days.  I am thankful he loves photography and is a creative spirit right beside me.  He has shot many times with me even this year and I am thrilled that we will be re-inventing Amy-Cole Weddings in 2018 to be a husband and wife team.  Big days are ahead and I cannot wait to share everything that will happen because he is with me on wedding days. 

Watch for our new website coming in early to mid-February!  We hope to give you a little more insight to the crazy personalities behind the business and watch for new husband and wife headshots coming soon!

Now...for the whole reason you scrolled down here...

The 2018 (and from this point forward) selfie will be...


We tried it out with Bri and TJ so we could show you a little sneak...



We can't wait to capture our day with each bride and groom in 2018 and beyond!!!  Get ready!  This year is going to be epic and I can't wait!!!


So, from me to you, Happy New Year!  Thank you for taking this journey through 2017 with us!  Keep your eye out for the new selfies and a brand new website (and video) coming soon!!!

Amy-Cole Photography

Much love!