Weddings of 2016

This year was one of the best ever at Amy-Cole.  We had an amazing time with our brides and grooms and had lots of new adventures along the way.  I loved looking back as I picked my favorite portraits from each session.  Enjoy this look back through our 2016!


We loved our day with Matthew and Loren!  Their wedding day was on the golf courses of Robert Trent Jones, Silver Lakes. They were so fun and loved doing some fun shots with us through the day.  They were married at sunset in a beautiful area off of the lake at the courses.  We love Matthew and Loren and can't wait for 2017 as they are expecting their sweet baby boy, Charlie Wayne!


Kelsi and Jake's SouthWind Plantation wedding day was a dream!  We adore Sunday weddings and the Ford wedding did not disappoint. I loved all of the colors and flowers from their beautiful day and we've enjoyed a sweet friendship with this couple!  You can tell they love being married and having new adventures.

Kandice and Brian had a gorgeous May wedding day at Cove Acre Farms.  Rebecca Williamson, their wedding planner, had all of the right glam in the right spots.  Not only was the day gorgeous, Kandice and her girls were absolutely stunning!  We had a lot of laughter and jokes from their day and it was evident these two fell head over heels in love!  We enjoyed our day with them so much!

Jessica and Cody became two of my favorite people very quickly.  I will never forget getting the phone call from Jessica two weeks prior to her wedding day.  Her first question was, "Are you booked for May 14?".  My response was immediately no.  I knew I had sent out several contracts for that day and when nothing ever happened, I shut the date off and decide to relax with my family for that weekend.  Looking back, it was all a God thing.  Jessica and Cody had their wedding photographer cancel on them last minute.  We immediately jumped into action and got everything ready to capture their special day!  I am so thankful that God allowed my path to cross with them.  They are so kind and genuine.  I'm happy to have them in the ACP wedding family!  After their wedding ceremony and reception at 12th Street Baptist, we ventured to their family land and had such a fun time capturing their wedding photographs!

We call these two Ken and Barbie!  Josh and Amberly had an amazing day at Southwind Plantation!  Not only was it a romantic and joyful day with their family and friends, my sweet Daddy married them.  It was a weekend I really needed my Daddy close by and God is just amazing at how he orchestrated their wedding day for the day I needed it most!  Amberly was a dream.  She was so kind and sweet through all of the planning and events.  We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous, sun-lit day. And our groom, Josh, well he's super fun!  We enjoy any day we get to photograph at Southwind, but their day was extra special for all!

Ministry friends are the best friends!  We serve on different church staffs in our area, but God has totally aligned our friendship with this special couple. Tyler and Ryann sat in my living room shortly after getting engaged and I knew I wanted to spend every moment that I could with them.  They are not only lovers of Jesus Christ, they are kind and...hilarious!  We still have weekly snapchat conversations and that makes my heart so happy!  If you know anything about church ministry, you know it can be lonely and hard at times.  These two make ministry fun and exciting!  I love them and I look forward to being ministry friends for many years to come!  Their beautiful day with captured at Cornerstone Church and their reception was held at Gadsden Country Club! 

You probably wouldn't believe this, even if I told you. The wedding above, we captured that wedding on the same day as we co-captured the wedding day of Caroline and Austin (pictured here).  I'll make the story quick.  Ryann and Tyler booked me about a month before Austin contacted me to capture his proposal to Caroline.  Caroline has been a part of our family since we moved to Alabama.  We adore her!  We have prayed for her and with her!  She is the most kind and gentle person I've ever known.  Not only that, she loves Jesus and believes in Him with everything in her. She is an example to young girls all over.  I knew after the proposal I HAD to be part of their day.  They quickly asked for me to capture their day and I was obviously already committed to my precious Ryann and Tyler.  After talking it over with everyone involved, we decided that I could shoot both as long as we had an additional photographer.  I chatted with another local photographer and she agreed that we could co-shoot Caroline's wedding day.  Since I use Robyn as my second shooter for all wedding days, I hired an additional second shooter for my wedding with Ryann and Tyler and released Robyn once the ceremony started.  Robyn captured most of the formal shots from their day.  Have I mentioned how invaluable a second shooter is?  Especially when it's Robyn! She left and headed to Caroline and Austin's day and then I followed after Ryann and Tyler's leave.  Was it ideal? No.  Am I glad that God decided that these two couples chose the same day? Yes!  He knew they would be ok with the happenings of the day and that everything would be just fine!  Oh, did I forget to mention that my husband and I sang for Caroline's ceremony before she walked down the aisle?!  I could relive that day over and over.  Watching two youth pastors marry the loves of their lives on that exact same day...and I got to be there to capture both!  It was a dream!  I was exhausted (and had another wedding the next day), but I adore the memories these two couples gave me. I'll cherish them in my heart forever!  Caroline and Austin were married at Caroline's parent's farm, Bowlin Farm.  

After a hectic Saturday, we needed a beautiful day at Southwind Plantation!  We love Sunday weddings and this one did not disappoint.  Megan and Seth are madly and deeply in love!  It was evident from the moment we met them.  Seth had just graduated the week before from West Point and Megan was thrilled to finally be marrying the love she had been separated from for a while.  Watching their day unfold was magical and so much fun!  I don't know many Southwind wedding days that aren't! 

It was our first time at Bell House Bed and Breakfast and it did not disappoint!  Amber and Hunter are such a fun couple. Most of their formal shots were captured in between much laughter!  I will never forget the email from Tammy, Amber's mother, shortly after she got engaged.  She quickly stated that after looking over my information she knew I was the one for them.  I knew in that moment, they were the ones for me.  I pray for these moments each year.  Most of my brides and grooms (and their families) become clients and friends for life.  I have no doubts this will be a lifelong friendship!  

It was our fourth time at First Methodist Anniston and this church never disappoints.  And you know it's going to be a fantastic couple when a dear friend and wedding vendor refers you to the happy couple. Rachel and MK's day was just amazing.  I'm not sure we've ever had a more down to earth and precious couple. They weren't crazy about the spotlight.  They much preferred to be laughing and enjoying their family and friends.  However, their love for each was so genuine and unique.  I loved how comfortable she became once MK first saw her.  It was as if everything fell right into place!  This couple will be in my memory for many years to come! 

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I photographed every youth pastor in our area this year!  The funny thing is, I am pretty sure I have!  Jacie and Lance are also youth pastors in our area and the very best friends of Ryann and Tyler (above).  Do you even know how fun it is to shoot one best friend in June and the other in July!  Like, it was completely amazing!  We are all like one big, happy family anyway!  This just made it even sweeter!  Lance and Jacie were married at White Springs Baptist and their days was a hot one!  Around 105 degrees to be exact!  However, it was also one of the sweetest days.  I'll never forget the moment they were hidden eating their meal and he scooped her out of her chair to have a dance with her!  Tears, tears, tears!  We love these two!

We book most of our weddings days 8-12 months in advance, if not longer.  So, after Caroline and Austin's wedding day (above), Linsey called!  She had been a bridesmaid in Caroline's wedding and we hit it off!  She had already booked a photographer, but after chatting with her she decided she'd like two!  She asked if I would do the formal wedding photography and asked A. Jill Photo if she would do a photo journalistic style of the wedding day.  After chatting with Jill, I knew we could totally pull this off...and we did!  It was such a fun day together at The Barn at Shady Lane!  It was our first day with Michael and Lynda, but goodness...what a dream location!  We hope to be back there many times to come!  And, Linsey and AJ...they are not only beautiful, but they are sweet friends since that day!  We can't wait to see all that life has to hold for them!  AJ is now in school to be a chiropractor and so many new adventures await these two!  

Kendall and Colby are two of the nicest people you will ever meet!  From the first moment I met them at their engagement shoot, I knew their wedding was going to be super fun!  It was our first time visiting The West Grove.  The land and area is beautiful and has gorgeous sunlight.  I loved how their families were there to support them through the whole day!  I also love that the groomsmen kept me updated on all of the football scores.  I am a huge college football fan and I MUST have score updates on wedding days...just ask Robyn!  Their day was perfect just like the two of them!  And Kendall was a dream in her gown!  We loved our day with them!

Oh, Jeannette and Bryan!  I love these two a whole lot!  Number one, they love Jesus more than anything!  That made their day full of love and laughter!  Number two, I got to shoot this day with my husband.  He second shoots with me on occasion.  Unfortunately, Robyn's family was sick this weekend and so my cute man jumped in to help me capture their day.  They were married at the General Wood's Inn and we absolutely loved our day at this venue.  They know how to do it right! They served the bride and groom at every turn and the venue is gorgeous!  It was a perfect fit for this beautiful bride and groom!

Before we even start talking about this gorgeous couple, let me award Chastin with the best veil award!  I mean, seriously!!!  She was stunning and Brennan was smitten!  These two captured my heart quickly over the past year.  They're full of laughter always!  And let me tell you, when the couple is full of laughter...the photogs are too!  I mean, aren't they perfect?!  We loved our day with these two at the Lazy G (and I mean, what a venue name. Is that not the cutest?).

We had so much fun getting to know Haley and Logan over this past year and they're day was perfect for them.  Southern Psalms was the perfect setting for their barn wedding day!  Gorgeous skies, a beautiful cotton field, and two people who are madly in love!  These two have a beautiful love story and have been together since their school years!  I just love that about them!  All of that time, and they're still together!  

Do you ever look at a couple and say, "Well aren't they dreamy?". Yep, me too!  These two are that couple!  We met Alex through a bride from 2015.  I couldn't be more thankful.  She was the calmest bride ever.  She knew it was her day and she was determined to soak in every last moment!  I adore her for that!  And Drew, he is a fun and classy dude!  Their day at Meadow Creek Farms was perfect!  We loved every moment of being with them!

Oh, young love!  These two are close to the same age my husband and I were when we married!  I fell in love with them. They are so sweet and so in love!  They had such a sweet and intimate wedding at Riverview Baptist.  After their ceremony and reception, they drove from Alabama to California were Ryan is now stationed.  I can't imagine being that age and in a new place. They seem to be enjoying every new adventure life is handing them!  We adore you, Ryan and Rachael! 

Another day at Southwind was just what we needed the day before my family jetted off to a Disney World vacation!  This day was the most fun ever!  First off, Niki and Josh are hilarious!  Like, they are so much fun to be around.  They love each other completely and that love is shared with everyone in their presence.  Robyn had already made her way to Disney and so Adam (aka Uncle Adam to my kids) was second shooting with me.  We not only had a blast together, but add in Jason and LeeAnn from Vital Productions and it was a dream team.  We also had a little fun doing the mannequin challenge with their wedding party!  This was the perfect fall day with the perfect couple!

And here we are...our last wedding of 2016 was in our town of Gadsden at the First Methodist Church and J&D Farms.  Let me set the scene!  Sally grew up here in our little town, but she and Roman live in New Jersey!  I'm not sure if you know this, but those two locations are drastically different.  Ha!  They met doing theatre (I mean...this is my dream!) and fell in love!  They were engaged at Disney World (also another dream) and had small things to throw back to their Disney love inside their wedding details.  Their day was also the day of the SEC Championship game.  If you don't live in Alabama, you don't really understand how that works around here.  Many people kept everyone up to date on scores. We even had a score card located in the back of the ceremony.  I mean, you gotta know the score.  We adore these two!  They're like family now!  Their wedding day was practically perfect in every way...just like the two of them! 

And lastly, our selfies from each wedding day!  Robyn and I (Josh and Adam, too), take a selfie on each wedding day with something from the details.  In 2016, our selfies were with the brides bouquet!  I know there are many photographers that shoot alone and they love that!  I couldn't do it without Robyn!  She is my right hand and very best friend!  I find myself looking forward to each time we get to shoot together.  She is so talented and is such a gift to each bride and groom she photographs.  She is always behind the scenes, but she is definitely the most valuable to me.  

2017, get ready!  You have a whole lot to live up to!