Robyn Driskell - Second Shooter

Tell everybody your name!
Hi!  I'm Robyn McMurry Driskell

You shoot weddings, so are you married?
I married my high school sweetheart, Lance Driskell, on June 3, 2002.

Any babies?
Yes, ma'am!  Three beautiful babies; Langley, Corbin, and Jack Fischer!

What do you do with Amy-Cole Photography?
I am a second shooter and assist Amy on most weddings.  I am typically Amy's detail girl. While Amy shoots prewedding shots with the bride or romantic shots with the bride and groom, I am usually following around the wedding party and capturing details at the wedding and reception site..  During a wedding, you can usually see me close to the front...sometimes crawling on the floor to get the shot. I try to be Amy's right hand and help with anything she needs.

So we know you work with Amy-Cole as a second shooter.  Do you have another occupation?
I have a degree in Elementary Education from Jacksonville State University and teach Kindergarten at John S. Jones Elementary School.

Tell me how you fell in love with photography!
Photography is in my blood. I remember as a child looking through the many pictures that my grandfather took and their simple beauty blew me away. As I got older, I watched how my dad used photography with his business and I loved seeing all of his expensive lenses, cameras, and tripods.  My dad always used Nikon, so I too purchased my first Nikon when I had children.  I love capturing simple moments, unexpected moments, candid moments.  One click and it is not only a memory but a token from the past.

So Nikon, huh?  Doesn't Amy use a Canon?
She does...but I still love her!

Tell us why you love working with Amy-Cole!
My time with Amy-Cole Photography has been amazing.  I have learned so much from my sweet, talented friend, Amy Sullins.  She is a true professional with a heart of gold. It is my privilege to work along side her. I am extremely proud of her and her business.

What is your favorite thing about shooting a wedding?
Weddings are magical. They are a once in a lifetime moment that should be captured to treasure forever.  Sure, the walk down the aisle, the first kiss, and the first dance are very important, but I love capturing things like the bridesmaids being silly while getting ready, the groom tying his shoes,  the bouquets, the cakes, the rings, the tear that falls, the tiny details.

A few of my favorite things?
My risen Savior, family time, movies, all things Disney, polka dots, the color red, I believe ALL things should be monogrammed, the beach, Disney World vacations, newborn babies, chocolate, my Kindergarten students,  good ink pens, and fonts.

If I could shoot a wedding ANYWHERE with Amy-Cole, where would it be?