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We love capturing your everyday moments and turning them into memories for life!  We would love to help capture your special day or family moment year after year.  


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Meet Amy

Meet Amy

The Sullins family captured by fellow photographer and friend, S. Weathington Photography.

The Sullins family captured by fellow photographer and friend, S. Weathington Photography.

It all started when...

I was born!  I kid, I kid!  However, I do believe that we are born with special gifting and God has a huge plan to fulfill those gifts in our hearts and hands.  

Photography fell into my lap when my children were born. Literally, it did!  Our closest family friend (aka Uncle Adam), gifted me my first Canon when my Rebeckah arrived.  I played with that camera every chance I got.  I look back on it and I firmly believe it is why I sit here today shooting 30+ weddings a year and over 50+ families per year.  

Curious who I am?  I knew you would be! My name is Amy Nicole Sullins.  Amy-Cole is the nickname of my childhood.  My Dad still calls me that to this day.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Josh Sullins.  Josh and I have been on an amazing journey since we were married at 18 and 21 (yes, can you even believe how young we were?!).  We've lived in 4 different states since we married in 2000.  Josh is a Worship and Creative Arts Pastor and we have served churches in Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and now...back home in Georgia, once again!  Josh is now on staff at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church. 

Josh and I have three kids who could not be more polar opposite. Rebeckah is the oldest. She plays the oboe, tenor saxophone, and she is learning the English horn. She is her Daddy's daughter.  Caleb is our athlete in the family.  He is the classic middle child who plays tennis.  I actually should say, he eats, breathes, sleeps tennis.  We recently were given the chance of a lifetime to visit Wimbledon (thanks, PawPaw) and he was in Heaven! Avery is our baby boy who loves to play basketball, but his true passions are eating snacks and socializing.  If you don't follow me on social media yet, get ready!  They're the life of the show!

Amy-Cole has fulfilled all of my dreams when it comes to connecting with people through photography and relationships!  I love showing up on a wedding day and the bride and groom bear-hug me because we've bonded.  This is an intimate time in their lives, and also a family's life, and I take that job so personal and serious (all while laughing and having fun, of course!)

I would love nothing more than to spend time with you as you prepare for the happiest day of your life or capture the precious moments in your child's life at a family session.  

If you like me...and I really hope you do, because I am sure I already love you...feel free to contact me below and we can start planning your wedding day or family session soon!

Much love!



Quick Questions for Amy-Cole:

Greatest Photography Influence? 

Easy! Katelyn James! She is a beast (a very sweet beast) in this crazy, competitive world.  I soak up her work all day, everyday.  I also may watch every last Insta-story on Instagram to see her sweet Evy!

Greatest Everyday Influence?

Hands down, my husband!  He's walked through fire and has walked through it humbly and with high integrity!  I admire his desire to do well and work hard.  He serves our family so well and every where he works or walks, he leaves a lasting impact for years to come!  

Favorite social media app?

Instagram all the way!  I love them all, but I love how real you can be with your followers on Instagram.  

Favorite place to vacation?

Disney World. Hands. Down!  I love that place!  I'm a Mickey addict!

Favorite camera?

Canon 5D Mark iii

Favorite lens?

50mm, 1.4

Hardest part of running a business?

Dividing my time between being mom, wife, housekeeper, laundry folder, emails, and edits.  I love my family and I struggle being away from them on long wedding days. However, I love my couples so much, I feel better once I arrive!

Greatest photography achievement?

You'd think I would tell about being published in multiple places or winning awards, but that's not it!  It's the emails I get back saying you LOVE me and the portraits I deliver to you.  I would much prefer that over anything else!

Dream wedding location?

Definitely Disney or Italy

Favorite coffee drink?

From Starbucks (my home away from home), a venti non-fat, skinny vanilla latte with a cold splash of breve at the end! (I know you're laughing!)

How do you live out your faith through your business?

First and foremost, Jesus loves you!  He really, really does!  I won't push my faith on you, but I promise to show you the love of Christ in all of my actions. He's my Savior and I am forever grateful!  My first prayer every morning, of many through the day, is...give me your eyes, Jesus. Help me see others like you see them. Help me to serve others with the hands that you gave me and put my feet on paths so that I can share my story of healing. It's really that simple.  I am just living out my testimony for others to see.  

Last question...if you could have dinner with one person still alive, who would it be?

Hands down, George W. Bush! I have feeling he's about as silly and as crazy as me!  I think we could have some fun and good laughs together!


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Want the ACP Experience?

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