Josh Sullins - Second Shooter


Tell everybody your name!

My name is Josh Sullins

You shoot weddings, so are you married?

Yes, happily married to the Mrs. Amy-Cole!

What do you do with Amy-Cole Photography?

I am the duo to the Amy-Cole.  I second shoot weddings days with Amy and love spending the time getting to know our clients with her!

So we know you work with Amy-Cole as a second shooter.  Do you have another occupation?

Yes, I am the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church.

Tell me how you fell in love with photography!

I fell in love with the photographer, of course! I'd say Amy's passion rubbed off on me.  I watched as she photographed our children, family, and others and she had so much fun.  One day, I asked her to start teaching me some tricks on our back-up camera.  I quickly developed a love for the detail shot.  

So do you shoot Canon, or are you a house divided?

Nope, I'm a Canon guy.  Got to support the wife/photographer!

Tell us why you love working with Amy-Cole!

Who wouldn't love taking orders from their wife? Ha! I kid! I just love working with her anytime we get the chance.  She loves her clients, job, and even the administrative side of her business.  It makes me happy knowing that she's living out her dream.

Tell us why we should pick your wife, Amy, to capture our wedding day memories?

First, I would say Amy is an incredible photographer.  Her work proves her abilities.  But secondly, Amy is so much more than a photographer.  She is invested in all of her couples.  She has been an encourager, confidant, and friend during one of the most special and intimate times in a couple's life. It is not uncommon for couples to walk away from the experience with Amy-Cole Photography, thanking her and expressing that they couldn't have made it through their day without her. So she is more than a photographer, she views this as her ministry.  

A few of my favorite things?

My faith in God, worship, my Jeep, Georgia Tech football, the beach, a homemade carrot cake, Aerosmith, iPad, iPhone, a good marching band, Auburn football, the completion of a big project, my family, a comfortable pair of dress shoes, a nice watch.

If I could shoot a wedding ANYWHERE with Amy-Cole, where would it be?

It doesn't matter, as long as I'm with my wife. 

(I'm sure I will get brownie points for that one!)