Adam Simmons - Second/Third Shooter


Tell everybody your name!

My name is Adam Simmons 

"Honorary Uncle to the Sullins Kids"

What do you do with Amy-Cole Photography?

I help with secondary shots and wide-angle shots at weddings.  I will also occasionally assist in the Sullins family shoots or as a third shooter at a large wedding.

So we know you periodically work with Amy-Cole as a second or third shooter.  Do you have another occupation?

I am a research engineer for a contractor in Huntsville, Alabama.

Tell me what you love about photography!

I enjoy capturing memories in unexpected ways. I remember growing up

around my grandmother, who periodically rummaged through her "picture

boxes", reminiscing through old family pictures.  I'd say my passion for a memory came from her, early on in my childhood.

Is it true you gave THE Amy-Cole her first SLR ?

I was lucky enough to provide an early means for her to practice her calling.

So, since you got Amy started in photography, what do you think of her work today?

Her work is poignant and eloquent; she can capture important and fleeting memories with beautifully composed photographs.  It also amazes me the high percentage of great photos she can get out of a single session!

Tell us why you love working with Amy-Cole!

She is truly a good person with only the highest of expectations and patience!

A few of my favorite things?

Tennis, my motorcycle, Auburn football games with friends, biking, spending time with my parents and sister, spending time with the Sullins, playing games with my nieces and nephews, running, finding an ecletic restaurant, finding new food trucks, playing corn-hole, grilling out, hiking, camping

If I could shoot a wedding ANYWHERE with Amy-Cole, where would it be?

Disney or Hawaii...aka Hawaiian-Disney